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6 Week Shred Online Fitness Plan

6 Week Shred Online Fitness Plan


6 Week Shred online fitness plan  is THE most complete online weight loss plan!  You receive daily workouts, meal planning, support, & accountability! Also includes additional prep week! Perfect for weight loss and/or just toning!

6 Week Shred takes a whole-body approach.  Sure, you’ll get great workouts, but you’ll also learn the nutrition your body really needs so you can feel your best from the inside out!

In just 6 weeks you’ll experience:

  • Weight Loss

  • Incredible Fat Burning

  • Toned Muscles

  • A Leaner Physique

  • Increased Energy

  • Balanced Hormones

  • Better Sleep


What’s My Investment?

How much is less-than-ideal health costing you?  How much is it worth to have the energy to keep up with your kids?  How much are the new clothes you have to buy because you don’t quite fit into your wardrobe?  How much is it worth to finally have the good health and fat loss you’ve wanted for years?  Continuing on your current course could be costing you a lot.  


  • Strong, busy women with many important roles to fill each day.

  • Wives, mothers, business owners, community leaders.

  • Women who believe that the world deserves their best self.  That YOU deserve your best self.

  • Women who are ready to make a simple but important change.

Does this describe you? Are you ready for something different?  Something better?


How 6 Week Shred Works
Step 1: Purchase 6 Week Shred for $199 and immediately receive your comprehensive guide (will receive by email approximately 1 week prior to start of program)

Step 2: Join the 6 Week Shred community group for accountability and support.
Step 3: Begin 6 Week Shred on the start date.

Step 4: Commit to the program nutrition guidelines and weekly workouts.
Step 5: Transform your life.


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Stay up-to-date on all the latest Shred info!

Stay up-to-date on all the latest Shred info!