THE top ways to stay on TOP of those new year's GOALS!

Alexa Robertson

Posted on December 30 2019

THE top ways to stay on TOP of those new year's GOALS!

So, maybe you've already made your New Year's Resolutions...But what are some of the best ways make sure you stay on "TOP" of them? Once the “newness” & hype wears off….you need proven strategies to continue reaching after those goals!

Here are THE top ways to keep gaining on those resolutions or regain that motivation!

1.  Have a true, authentic WHY!
Wanting to lose weight or tone up? Remember YOUR why! Wanting to lose weight to reduce your risk of
diabetes or even come off your diabetes medicine if possible (under MD’s guidance)? Wanting to reduce your
risk of heart attack? Or even trying to conceive a baby? There are so many WHYS to wanting to lose weight….but always reflecting on the deep, true reasons is essential. Don’t forget WHY you started. It’s so much deeper than a number on that scale or the size of your pants!!
 2. Share your goals.  
Sharing your goals with a supportive person is essential. Having a goal is an awesome start but sharing it speaks life into it & gives it so much more power!
Choose a friend, spouse, co-worker, etc that will cheer you on during your journey! Someone that is
positive, honest, & encouraging!!
 3. Accountability.
 It is essential to have someone such as a coach or trainer that holds you accountable to reaching your goals. This person will be there on the days you just want to quit to help you remember WHY you started. They’ll also be there to cheer you on during your successes! I also a part of an amazing accountability called
"Thrive in Life" that I would love for you to join! 
4. Small, baby steps
Start with small, attainable goals. For example, instead of starting out with a long term goal of losing 100 pounds...start with a smaller, short term goal of losing
25 pounds. Not to take say that long term goals aren’t important but you want to have small  wins all along the way to boost your confidence! Also, write those goals down!! Check out my free planner here!
5. Progress not perfection
It is so important to remember not everyday is going to be “perfect”  & that is okay. What is essential is that when you have a bad day..don’t quit….just get right back to it the next day! I love incorporating a weekly
“refeed” (or cheat) meal once a week with my shred clients to help with those cravings!
Share one way you’ve stayed on top of those resolutions or one thing you may need HELP with! Share this with a friend that may benefit as well! And as always, my “6 Week Shred” program is the most effective virtual training program to help you stay on top of those goals!! It utilizes the principles of intermittent fasting diet & carb cycling maintainable results! Join us today!


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Stay up-to-date on all the latest Shred info!