Meet Alexa Robertson

Alexa Robertson

Posted on August 08 2019

Meet Alexa Robertson

Hi! I am Alexa Robertson & I am so glad you took a few moments to check out my page! My name is Alexa Robertson & I am a Nurse Practitioner, Personal Trainer, & Owner of Alexa Robertson Fitness. My husband, Chris, & I have four beautiful girls that keep us busy! I created my online fitness program, "6 Week Shred" in order to help busy women reach their fitness goals in the midst of busy, daily life! Since January, I have helped close to 500 women reach these goals with my program! 

Weight loss before and after. 6 Week Shred.

Helping women reach their own personal fitness goals is a true passion of mine!  And, I get it...because I'm one of you & love to share my personal weight loss journey with you as well! Take a second to read more about my fitness journey on my recent Voyage ATL Magazine & Fitness Rx for Women Magazine

Weight loss transformation

While the physical aspect is one that does encourage us to train & eat healthy….I believe it is so much deeper than that. Without the proper/positive mindset, it is virtually impossible to sustain long term goals. A healthy lifestyle is one that incorporates both physical & mental health. Join me in reaching your own best self today! I would love for you to check out just a few shots below that give you a glimpse into my everyday life! 

Alexa Robertson Fitness. 6 Week Shred lifestyle

Check out my "6 Week Shred" program today & let me know if I can ever help YOU!

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Stay up-to-date on all the latest Shred info!

Stay up-to-date on all the latest Shred info!