5 Simple Tips to help you achieve a POSITIVE MINDSET!

Alexa Robertson

Posted on July 02 2019

5 Simple Tips to help you achieve a POSITIVE MINDSET!

Sure….we all know that a positive mindset is essential to becoming successful in all aspects of life! I have a lot of people inquire about my “6 Week Shred” program, but then reply with “I’m just not in the right frame of mind yet!” I totally get this! I have been there myself many times. And it’s so true. If your mind & heart aren’t into reaching a certain goal…it’s almost impossible to achieve. I encourage all of clients & give them tools throughout “6 Week Shred” to help reach a better mindset! It is one of my core principles & values.  Today, I want to focus on and share a few simple tips that have been proven to help you get into a better & more positive frame of mind.

  1. Begin your day on a positive note. We all have been there…we wake up late, rush to get the kids ready, can’t find our keys, etc….you all know where the rest of this day is headed, right? And of course THOSE days are still going to happen but the key is finding the positive in it..taking a deep breath….and restarting.  One simple idea to help you begin your day on a positive note is to set the alarm 30 minutes earlier so you can get up and get moving with exercise. This helps release those natural endorphins that give us a better frame of mind after exercise. Also, I’ve heard several motivational speakers discuss how starting your day with accomplishing one positive task such as making your bed sets the mood for the rest of your day.

  2. Focus on the GOOD things. I have to remind myself of this often on those “chaotic” mornings! Instead of focusing on running late to work, remind yourself how thankful you are to have a job! Instead of stressing over which outfit to wear…be thankful you have clothes. I admit it…these are not always easy ones…but they really do help! You can ALWAYS find the good in something!

  3. Start with a morning devotional.  I love the First5App…every morning, there is a quick read & verse that goes along with it. It’s always so positive & encouraging!

  4. Breathe & Stretch. Deep breathing & stretching exercises are simple to do and can benefit anyone at any age. They help your brain focus & body get moving!

  5. Water. Start your day with a least 16 oz of water. This helps properly hydrate your body. It also gives you a head start on reaching your water intake goal for the day!


I would love to hear what helps you maintain a positive mindset below! Email me with any questions as well! Share this with your friends on Facebook directly from here as well as pinning it to your pinterest for future reference! Wherever you are & whatever you may be going through….BLOOM where you are planted! You’ve got this!!

xoxo, Alexa

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